November 28, 2012

My brother is performing in a talent show coming up, and my mom asked me to take him shopping for a stage outfit.  Upon going shopping I found this superman shirt, yes in boys section, on clearance for $5.  I immediately fell in love with it, and decided to live vicariously through my brother and make him get it.  Then I saw...there were two.
This is exactly the type of behavior that is bound to land me on "What Not to Wear" in the near future.  I know that I am not a boy, and therefore should not be shopping in the boys section.  I have actually seen this addressed on several episodes of What Not to Wear, where they tell the poor person that they are too old to be wearing superman paraphernalia.
I was having this thought as we were up at the register, both shirts in hand, but decided that 22 was still young enough to love a superman shirt.  Maybe at 25, I will throw it out...but I'm still young enough to get away with this childish behavior.  And then the unthinkable happened.  My brother was playing with this Christmas Aflac Duck, who's inventor needs to be punched, and I glared at him.  He started laughing and explained to the woman helping us that I hated that sound.  (Umm...who doesn't?)  And she said, "Mom's don't really like things that make too much sound," and then smiled sympathetically at me.  My brother is 13!!! Do I look old enough to have a 13 year old child? I had people give me dirty looks when I appeared to be a teenager holding a baby, but for real? Now? I immediately felt ten years older, but the shirt was already rung up.  I guess I will just have to wear it in shame, humming the song "Supergirl" to myself between sobs.

October 19, 2012

When I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend...

If you are not a doctor who fan, I apologize...because then the title of this post just seems creepy.
Sometimes when I am utterly sick of my surroundings, I try to channel a little doctor who in my outfit, and pretend that I can time travel at any time.
(That picture is the sun setting in this gorgeous place I live)
If time travel were an option for you, where do you think you would go?  I think I would love to live in the time of Jane Austen. that's definitely where I belong.  Girls didn't wear pants.  Cross-stitching made them accomplished.  The dresses are breathtaking.  However, I would have to be in a wealthy family, because being in poverty at that time was particularly awful.
Oh well. Until my tardis arrives, I will have to continue living in this land wear animal print is acceptable and women have to have real jobs to be considered successful.

Song I can't stop listening to today: 
Can't Go Back Now//The Weepies

October 16, 2012

A Muumuu-raculous Transformation

Welcome Back! To me...not to you. Sorry buds.

People have been regularly touring our house to rent for next year.  I personally think it's insane how early people begin to look for houses, but it is what it is.  Awkward things are bound to happen when other people are coming into your home to picture themselves living there.

Awkward thing #1: A girl looking in my room and saying, "OMG your headboard is like...wood."  She then continued to look at the pictures I had up, and was wondering if she could find anyone she knew.  Meanwhile, I was in my pajamas.

Awkward thing #2: Being locked out of my own room, and attempting to pick the lock as I hear a tour group coming up the stairs.  They find me kneeling outside of my door with a knife and a screwdriver.

Awkward thing #3: Me forgetting to throw away the remnants after cleaning out my brush this morning, so a group of five guys were welcomed to my room by an abnormally large clump of human hair sitting on the table in the doorway. Sorry bout it.

I am counting the days until someone signs a lease on this dump.  I say dump in a loving case you one of the many who has been round these parts.  

Featuring photos of Sir Alex, because they make me happy.

Song I can't stop listening to today:
Long Time Traveller/The Wailin Jennys

August 24, 2012

Please, won't you be my neighbor?

Well it's the time of year where I have to start thinking about pants.  Let me tell you, this is not a good thing for me.  Pants are just so much...harder.  So in light of the upcoming fall season, I hacked up this boring red dress and made a cutesy little peplum top.
Fall is actually my favorite season, but at the very moment I am hating it.  And let me explain why.  Because as I am writing this, all of the bros and brosephines who live around me are moving back for the school year.  Life without them has been...quiet.  Since they have gotten back:
a. Firecrackers. Stupid.
b. Chants of U.S.A!, U.S.A!, U.S.A! 
(You have to lower your voice about five octaves before chanting, of course)
c. Substantially more police sirens. Youths.
d. 90's music constantly echoing through the neighborhood.
e. Weaving my bike in and out of crushed beer cans.
f. Drunk girls asking me if this is where the party is. No. This is my house.

Why is it that I feel like I am 22 going on 90? For real. I don't mean to be a total buzzkill, it's just that I really appreciate chant-less sleeping.  I can't wait to be a real grown up.  And live around other grown ups.  Who have bedtimes. And jobs.

(The Shins+The Postal Service=Happiness)

Sorry about all the ranting. Wait. The chanting has resumed. I'm not sorry at all.

August 22, 2012

Turning Tables

I have stayed away from circle skirts because they are really time consuming and involve a lot of fabric.  However, if you use something that is already round, and hemmed on the end...something like a tablecloth? Yes! Brilliant! I am so proud of myself! I found this tribal table cloth at an antique shop for $4 and I couldn't pass up the pattern, even though we don't have an actual table for me to put it on.  What can I say, we're in college.  We eat in our beds.  But I had to use it for something!

There is a little math required for a circle skirt.  The circumference of the circle will be the measurement of your waist, or where you want to waist to hit.  Mark down that measurement as "c".  You will have to fold the fabric in half, then in half again to form a triangle.  You will now figure out the radius using the following equation:  r = c / (2 x 3.14159).  (Yes, that's pi! Hey there high school math!) You will need to allow a little extra for the seam.

From here, measure that distance from the point of the triangle, and create a curved line.  Cut this line, and this will be the opening for your waist.  Cut down a straight line down the back to create a seam.

    The waist band was going to look better if it started at the pattern, so I removed pie-shaped segments from the skirt to make it smaller, and sewed along that curve.  Once you've sewn your waist line, sew in an invisible zipper on the back seam.  Finish off the seam, and you have a circle skirt.  This whole process took me around 45 minutes and I was very satisfied!

Warning: This skirt will cause excessive twirling, and may have side effects.  These side effects include dizziness, lightheadedness, vertigo, and nausea.  
You think I'm joking, but the afternoon I spent twirling in this skirt almost lead to me vomiting on the side of the path you see below while yelling, "Can't stop twirling. Skirt so full. Must twirl."

Song I can't stop listening to today: Hey Ho/The Lumineers

This song is best listened to while making pancakes. Good day!

August 21, 2012

She Sells Seashells By the Seashore

I usually enjoy things that most other people are hideous.  Which is why, whenever I hear people laughing at thrift stores, I turn to see what they found.  Chances are, I'll love it.  That is exactly what happened with this sea shell romper.  I shortened up the bottoms, switched up the neckline, and now it's wonderful!  I apologize for the horrendous before picture. 

A lot of things are changing.  New blog layout (ah hem!) that I slaved over.  One day I'll get the hang of these things.  What do you think?  The roomies say it seems more adult, which leaves me with mixed feelings.  I am giving ombre hair a try, courtesy of a lovely up-and-coming hair genius named Paul.

I used to live right next to a building that was perfect for picture taking.  But since I moved, I have had a hard time finding a home for my blog pictures.  So, I have decided to take blog pictures in some of my favorite places in La Crosse, and that way you guys can understand why I love it here, and why I am getting nervous about saying goodbye to  this place.

I'm just trying to soak up some of the last bits of Wisconsin summer, before I inevitably freeze to death.

And my official pick for song of the summer is: Photosynthesis by Frank Turner. 
While this song is not new by any means, it's just so...relevant.

August 19, 2012

A Goodwill Miracle.

So usually when I go thrifting, I stumble into the store, half asleep, hair uncombed, chai tea latte in hand, hoping to god I see no one I know because I may/may not still be wearing an outfit from the night before.  Is that shameful? Too bad, I have no shame.  I usually graze the racks waiting for something to amaze me.  Often times, I walk out with nothing.  When I first started, I got something almost every time because I was far too easily impressed with finds.  Now, I expect much more out of my little adventures.  Today, I scored.  And I'm talking big time.  I would through a sports analogy your way if I could think of any sports analogies that were suitable.  Who am I kidding, if I could think of any sports analogies period.

So here's the play by play.  I walk in, looking pretty disheveled.  I spot from across the room a tan tartan pattern associated with Burberry.  Now I'm not exactly into brand name anything, since a majority of my clothing has an old woman's name scribbled over where the brand would be, but this was exciting to me.  I ran over.  Like actually ran.  Halfway through I realized I was running and became a little embarrassed, but kept running anyway.  I got to it, and could not wait to try it on.  I looked up on my phone how to tell it was authentic, and it was! My first thought, I am so going to sell this on eBay.  Then I tried it on and thought, and I am so never going to sell this ever.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this shirt retails for over $300.   I paid a mere $2.99.  If I never thrift again, I will die knowing, I one day witnessed a true thrifting miracle.  Good day.

Song I can't stop listening to: (seriously, like errryday) Capitol City/Wilco

July 25, 2012

Quick Fix: Hemming a Skirt

I always hesitate to explain how I do things because most of the time it's so simple like this, but I have gotten some requests for more demonstrations so here you are!  Often times skirts can be transformed into something fun and fashionable in literally no time at all.  People act like you must have some sort of sorcery powers to have come up with such magic, but it's really as easy as pie.  I have come across so many skirts that I would have passed over before I began sewing, just because I didn't like the length.  This floral skirt I found thrifting for $2 is a prime example.  Here's how I haphazardly transformed this skirt in under 15 minutes. It's simple but effective.

1.  Try the skirt on.  Examine possible lengths.  A mirror is really your best friend at this point.
2.  Fold the skirt up to the desired length.
3.  Pin the front of the skirt so you can remember this length when you are no longer in the skirt
4.  Measure the length all around to make sure it's even, and finish pinning the skirt.
5.  Sew the skirt by machine, or by hand.  I almost always choose machine unless the fabric absolutely requires it because it's monumentally faster, and I have the attention span of a tiny bug.  Just zip that puppy through.

Wahla! Combined with a shirt I thrifted for $3, this outfit cost me $5 total! That sounds like cause for celebration.

And I shall celebrate with one of my favorite happy tunes: Plage by Crystal Fighters

Warning: Unless you have consumed some sort of hallucinogen, don't look directly at this music video.  Also steer clear if you are prone to seizures like myself. :)

July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was magical.  Mainly due to my boyfriend who made sure that I did everything my weird little heart desired, like find the 30 foot eyeball.

Also, I was able to go to my favorite vintage store and he got me 2 dresses! (eek!) and an awesome shirt that I'll have to show you guys very soon.  As for now, I am still celebrating.

July 1, 2012

Summer Trends that Make Me Giddy

This summer has been scorching hot.  Like I don't want to eat because the process of taking something out of the refrigerator would result in me sweating.  But, I am not a hair up sort of girl.  That has to do with several ear surgeries as a child that has left me embarrassed about my deformed weirdo ears.  However, I have finally found a way to combine fashion and my ear fears.  A summer trend I am loving is hair scarves.  You can tie them any which way, they have a pretty retro feel, and absorb the sweat that may/may not be accumulating on your neck.  
I can be found most hot days rocking a hair scarf, even though my roommate told me I look like the help from "The Help."  This is a super short post, I know, but there is a very special reason for that...and I will share that reason tomorrow.  For now, get yo hairs up and go outside!  I know I'm going to...

So, since it's hot and I'm feeling a little dizzy at the moment, can I admit that I absolutely love the song Payphone by Maroon 5?  It's not my usual style, but it's so gosh darn catchy.  I'm sharing it, however, because the music video is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.  Plus all of my roommates, boys and girls, completely want Adam Levine.  Alas, it's the song I can't stop listening to today...

June 28, 2012

Pretzel M&MS.

You know the commercial for Pretzel M&M's where the pretzel jumps into the M&M creating something that's far superior and magical?  Well that is sort of what I attempted today.  I saw this shirt when I was shopping that was a lace tank top with a denim collar, and denim down the middle by the buttons.  Needless to say, I fell in love. However, we were shopping for some shorts for my boyfriend, and I had purposefully left my purse at home so I would not spend any money.  Plus it was $30.  So I decided to make my own.  I found a lace-esque shirt, as well as a denim shirt and fused them together to make the super shirt I had been hoping for.  I included a little DIY for y'all, so you can have one of your own.

Time: 1-2 hours (but I'm a putz)
Cost: $2 for the two shirts ($1.20 and $0.70 can you believe it?!)
Difficulty: Jedi Initiate
Materials: Scissors, Shirts, Sewing Machine, White Thread, Pins

So here are the two shirts that I used for this project.  It really doesn't matter which you choose, just make sure you like the colors together, the materials will work well in your machine, and that they are the same size.  If they are different sizes, the collars will not be the same size and you may run in to a pickle.  Before you start, remove the buttons from the lace shirt, do any ironing that may be necessary, and prepare your work space. 

Step One: Remove the collar/button area from the denim shirt

Step Two: Remove the top part of the collar from the lace shirt, and my top part I mean cut off the part that folds over.  You will be left with about a half inch of fabric.
Step Three:  Replace the white collar with the denim collar, place the remaining white part on the inside of the denim.  These should line up just about perfectly.  Insert pins around the collar and down the middle by the buttons or snaps.
Step Four:  Sew together the pieces that you have just pinned, starting with the collar to make room for adjustments.  

Now if you are going for a seventies vibe, then you can stop here.  If not, look forward.
Step Five: Remove the sleeves from the shirt, and pin the armholes at your desired width.  Mine ended up being around two inches
Step Six: Finish off the armholes by sewing the edge you just cut inward.  I had to add darts at the bust to make the sleeves sit correctly, but I think that just depends on the lace shirt you start out with.

Have you guys heard the Avett Brothers new song?  It's called Live and Die, and they released it from their upcoming album The Carpenter.  You know I'm a sucker for the Avett Brothers, and knowing I have to wait until September 11th for the new cd makes me about pee my pants.

Anyway, it's the song I can't stop listening to today: Live and Die/The Avett Brothers

June 27, 2012

The Sound of Silence

Great song. And what you have been hearing from me in the past month.  I am so very sorry, but I think when you see what I am about to show you, I will be on the road to forgiveness.  So, I moved into a new apartment with five lovely roommates that I adore oh so much.  More on them later.  But, unlike last year, we are not allowed to paint.  My room is an awkward off white, with hideous maroon carpet.  Yet, I was determined to make my room gorgeous.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the big reveal...

And the best part, is the amount of money, or lack there of that I spent on this piece of paradise.  Everything in this room was either made or thrifted.  A shout out to my spectacular boyfriend (and cohabitant), as well as his father, who understood my scatterbrained sketches and helped build the  combined desk, dress rack, headboard, etc.  Although they thought I was crazy during most of the planning process, who can argue with these results?? I never ever want to leave my room, but that is a good thing for you because that means lots of sewing, and I have some awesome clothing transformations coming up for you this week.  Maybe a few DIY's are in order for some of my bedroom treasures? Let me know what you want to make, and I'll tell you how!

Thanks for being patient with me.  I really appreciate all of you. 

Song I cannot stop listening to today:

April 20, 2012

Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

This isn't the dress you're looking for...oh wait, IT SO IS.

You won't see any before pictures, and I'll tell you why: because I made this. Like, made it made it.  This lovely Star Wars material was a vintage bed sheet.  I have had it lying around for quite some time, but I had a limited about of fabric so I knew I would only get one shot.

Those of you who saw the sheet sitting around my house for months know how scared I was to start it.  As nervous as I was, I am pretty happy with the way that things turned out.  Therefore I am going to fill by day with Star Wars puns, and humming theme songs.  

Speaking of today, I will be quite busy doing my roommates hair and make-up.  This is the part where you think, wait doesn't she live with three guys?  Yes, I do.  But they are in the drag show tonight with a couple of their friends.  I am in charge of make-up and wardrobe and I am so excited!!  They are doing the mash-up of Rumor Has It/Someone Like You from Glee.  Their dance is awesome.  I will be sure to include pictures and maybe a video
...if you're good.

Song that I can't stop humming everywhere I walk:

April 17, 2012

A Weekend of Best's.

Over this past weekend, besides seeing the best concert ever, I also had the pleasure of spending some time with my best friend ever.  Meet little miss Katie, or as I lovingly call her, Trina.  We are so different, but we compliment each other so well.  She settles me down, and I force her to be a little more crazy. 

...but she is moving far far away.   

This coming fall, she will be relocating to California to work on her doctorate because she is wicked smart and amazing.  I will miss her quite terribly, but maybe not as terribly as this guy in the photo's.  Meet her boyfriend Brett who will be heading the opposite direction to New York.  I thought it would be nice when I was around to take some photo's of the two of them, so that they would have some to put in their apartments next year.  Here are a few of my favorites...

As you can tell, my favorite ones are mainly of Katie laughing, because it makes me so happy to see her happy.  Oh well, I know our friendship will survive the distance.  It has for the past four years.  Already planning my trip to California to visit though! 

April 14, 2012

I have nothing to wear.

I think you all know that is a lie.  My closet is overflowing with clothes.  Actually my room is overflowing with clothes because I broke my closet...because of too much strain.  But, this weekend is a monumental occasion for me, and I don't know if I have anything monumental to wear.

Song: Styrofoam Plates, Album: The Photo Album

Why such a big deal, you ask?  Because this weekend I am seeing Death Cab for Cutie in Milwaukee!!

Song: We Looked Like Giants, Album: Transatlanticism

Now, before you get all judgy, and write it off as "emo" music, (that word is so 2006) allow me to explain something.  I have had a love affair with Ben Gibbard's music since I was fourteen.  For eight years, he has comforted me with his brilliant lyrics seemingly describing my thoughts, celebrating my successes, and nursing my heartbreak.  

Song: Crooked Teeth, Album: Plans

I think that fanatic may be a kind word to describe my obsession with Death Cab.  And I will not apologize for this obsession!  Other things I have loved since I was fourteen include my family, and push-ups.  (The dessert, not the exercise obviously).  That's it.  As you can see, not much has made the cut.  

Song: Bixby Cannon Bridge, Album: Narrow Stairs

Is there any music that has stood the test of time for you?  Because it is just that GOOOOOD?

Song: Some Boys, Album: Codes and Keys

And the best part?  I get to share it with my favorite person! Alex and I are leaving shortly, and we get to see some pretty awesome friends on the way.  I will be sure to take loads of pictures of our adventure.

Have a wonderful weekend darlings, I'll just be out fulfilling a life long dream.

April 7, 2012

Does this braid make me a Padawan?

So for those of you who don't remember or who managed to make it through unscathed, being able to french braid is like currency in middle school.  All of the girls who could french braid got invited to all of the best sleepovers because everyone wanted them to do their hair.  Coming in a close second were the girls whose moms knew how to french braid, who somehow had time to do their hair every morning before school.  Then there was me...who came to school every day looking like Julie of the Wolves. 

This wasn't for a lack of trying.  I knew that the perfect french braided hair was the key to popularity, success, and most likely love.  So I toiled in my room for hours attempting to practice on all my doll's I pretended I didn't still own.  And to no avail.  I couldn't figure it out, nor could my mother or my sister.   I was convinced that it took a real live Rumpelstiltskin to be able to french braid.

Which is why I am proud to announce to you, 10 years late, I have been blessed with the magic fingers!! I have finally figured out the enigma that is the french braid.  Due to this, I have walked around campus all week with my hair styled like a 12-year-old.  You know why? Because for the first time in my life...I can.

Look at me now ladies, I bet you all want to be my friend.

I scored this shirt for 99 cents at a thrift store and it still had it's original Daytons tag on it.  It has to be at least 40 years old.  I adore it.  And the 1950's travel case is my new favorite thing, and I think it's going to be my new sewing basket...which I desperately need.  Just ask my boyfriends needle trodden feet.

Lady Crush: Nancy Sinatra

"It's a hectic, crazy life. You're not like a shoe salesman, who can get rid of his wares. You're stuck with a product - yourself."
-Nancy Sinatra

I can't imagine what her life was like growing up with Frank Sinatra.  In addition to her mother, Nancy Barbato, her stepmothers included: Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow, and Barbara Marx.  Just knowing one of those people would be crazy, but having all of them in your life is insane!

It's interesting to see how she transformed to fit the sex icon image that was given to her.  The short skirts, blonde hair, and classic go-go boots made her into a style icon.  Women all around began dressing like her.

She was never taken seriously as an artist.  She once said that she was never allowed to grow because her albums were more to look at than to listen to.  I feel as though she is so misunderstood, and I love her all the same.

Isn't this music video spectacular? (These Boots Are Made for Walkin'-Nancy Sinatra)

March 31, 2012

Mega Million Dollar Dress

Today is the big day! The day of the mega million lottery. $640 million dollars. I'm pretty sure that with our economy in the state it is in, the winner will meet an unnatural end.  Either that or live in a constant state of depression due to the persistent nagging by family and friends, asking for money.

That being said, I didn't buy a ticket.  I have the worst luck in the entire world and I have never won a thing in my life.  Therefore, I decided that for me it would be a waste of a dollar.  So I took that dollar, and bought this dress instead.

It's not $640 million dollars, but it's still quite the deal.
Peace, my little darlings.

Song I can't stop listening to today: This Will Be Our Year/The Zombies

March 30, 2012

Happy Best Friday Ever!

Why, you may ask, is this the best friday ever? I have the day off! No class, and no work.  For absolutely no reason! For the first friday in...hmm, months probably. So what is a girl like me going to do with a Friday all to herself?  This is precisely what I was wondering about 10 minutes ago.  Until I turned on the television to see that our cable provider has given us a free weekend of premium movie channels. 

Shirt: Handmade by me Skirt: Clearance at Gap ($4) Boots: Thrifted ($3)

I couldn't pass up this lighthouse fabric. And these boots were spectacular, I got them for a steal at $2.99.  I had to fix the zipper on them, but now they are my loves.  Even caused a group of guys to yell, "Hey Hipster Lady" at me while I was downtown.  At least they got the lady part right. :)

Anyway, so the rest of my magical free-movie no obligation friday consists of:

1. A bottle of Francis Ford Coppola's Sante Pinot Noir
2. Midnight in Paris (My pick)
3. Burlesque (David's pick)
4. African Cats (Alex's pick)
4. Dinner with my lovely roommates (present and future)

Hope your Friday is as fantastic as mine is!