March 30, 2012

Happy Best Friday Ever!

Why, you may ask, is this the best friday ever? I have the day off! No class, and no work.  For absolutely no reason! For the first friday in...hmm, months probably. So what is a girl like me going to do with a Friday all to herself?  This is precisely what I was wondering about 10 minutes ago.  Until I turned on the television to see that our cable provider has given us a free weekend of premium movie channels. 

Shirt: Handmade by me Skirt: Clearance at Gap ($4) Boots: Thrifted ($3)

I couldn't pass up this lighthouse fabric. And these boots were spectacular, I got them for a steal at $2.99.  I had to fix the zipper on them, but now they are my loves.  Even caused a group of guys to yell, "Hey Hipster Lady" at me while I was downtown.  At least they got the lady part right. :)

Anyway, so the rest of my magical free-movie no obligation friday consists of:

1. A bottle of Francis Ford Coppola's Sante Pinot Noir
2. Midnight in Paris (My pick)
3. Burlesque (David's pick)
4. African Cats (Alex's pick)
4. Dinner with my lovely roommates (present and future)

Hope your Friday is as fantastic as mine is! 

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