March 26, 2012

Making your wardrobe work for you.

I have some pretty crazy clothes, with some ridiculous graphics.  Fruit, hedgehogs, sailboats, dogs, dinosaurs.  But I do have a job that requires me to dress semi-professionally, so sometimes my puppy vest has to be traded in for something a little more understated.  But my favorite part of simple business pieces is that they are so versatile.  Take this very simple navy dress. I got it for 4 dollars at a thrift store, and it fit perfectly.

But I can take this dress, and wear it in the following four different ways.

Dress: Thrifted. Cardigan: Target. Blue Shirt: Anthropologie. White Shirt: American Eagle.  Sweater: Thrifted. Shoes: Urban Outfitters

It's the perfect way to trick the people you work with into thinking you have tons of clothes, when really you are simply resourceful.  The multiple ways I can wear them make these dresses some of my favorites.  
What are your favorite things to wear?
Do you have any secrets to trick people into thinking you have more clothes than you really do?


  1. The cut of that dress is very flattering on you! SO cute!

  2. Great post! I like ways 1 & 3 best :)