August 24, 2012

Please, won't you be my neighbor?

Well it's the time of year where I have to start thinking about pants.  Let me tell you, this is not a good thing for me.  Pants are just so much...harder.  So in light of the upcoming fall season, I hacked up this boring red dress and made a cutesy little peplum top.
Fall is actually my favorite season, but at the very moment I am hating it.  And let me explain why.  Because as I am writing this, all of the bros and brosephines who live around me are moving back for the school year.  Life without them has been...quiet.  Since they have gotten back:
a. Firecrackers. Stupid.
b. Chants of U.S.A!, U.S.A!, U.S.A! 
(You have to lower your voice about five octaves before chanting, of course)
c. Substantially more police sirens. Youths.
d. 90's music constantly echoing through the neighborhood.
e. Weaving my bike in and out of crushed beer cans.
f. Drunk girls asking me if this is where the party is. No. This is my house.

Why is it that I feel like I am 22 going on 90? For real. I don't mean to be a total buzzkill, it's just that I really appreciate chant-less sleeping.  I can't wait to be a real grown up.  And live around other grown ups.  Who have bedtimes. And jobs.

(The Shins+The Postal Service=Happiness)

Sorry about all the ranting. Wait. The chanting has resumed. I'm not sorry at all.

August 22, 2012

Turning Tables

I have stayed away from circle skirts because they are really time consuming and involve a lot of fabric.  However, if you use something that is already round, and hemmed on the end...something like a tablecloth? Yes! Brilliant! I am so proud of myself! I found this tribal table cloth at an antique shop for $4 and I couldn't pass up the pattern, even though we don't have an actual table for me to put it on.  What can I say, we're in college.  We eat in our beds.  But I had to use it for something!

There is a little math required for a circle skirt.  The circumference of the circle will be the measurement of your waist, or where you want to waist to hit.  Mark down that measurement as "c".  You will have to fold the fabric in half, then in half again to form a triangle.  You will now figure out the radius using the following equation:  r = c / (2 x 3.14159).  (Yes, that's pi! Hey there high school math!) You will need to allow a little extra for the seam.

From here, measure that distance from the point of the triangle, and create a curved line.  Cut this line, and this will be the opening for your waist.  Cut down a straight line down the back to create a seam.

    The waist band was going to look better if it started at the pattern, so I removed pie-shaped segments from the skirt to make it smaller, and sewed along that curve.  Once you've sewn your waist line, sew in an invisible zipper on the back seam.  Finish off the seam, and you have a circle skirt.  This whole process took me around 45 minutes and I was very satisfied!

Warning: This skirt will cause excessive twirling, and may have side effects.  These side effects include dizziness, lightheadedness, vertigo, and nausea.  
You think I'm joking, but the afternoon I spent twirling in this skirt almost lead to me vomiting on the side of the path you see below while yelling, "Can't stop twirling. Skirt so full. Must twirl."

Song I can't stop listening to today: Hey Ho/The Lumineers

This song is best listened to while making pancakes. Good day!

August 21, 2012

She Sells Seashells By the Seashore

I usually enjoy things that most other people are hideous.  Which is why, whenever I hear people laughing at thrift stores, I turn to see what they found.  Chances are, I'll love it.  That is exactly what happened with this sea shell romper.  I shortened up the bottoms, switched up the neckline, and now it's wonderful!  I apologize for the horrendous before picture. 

A lot of things are changing.  New blog layout (ah hem!) that I slaved over.  One day I'll get the hang of these things.  What do you think?  The roomies say it seems more adult, which leaves me with mixed feelings.  I am giving ombre hair a try, courtesy of a lovely up-and-coming hair genius named Paul.

I used to live right next to a building that was perfect for picture taking.  But since I moved, I have had a hard time finding a home for my blog pictures.  So, I have decided to take blog pictures in some of my favorite places in La Crosse, and that way you guys can understand why I love it here, and why I am getting nervous about saying goodbye to  this place.

I'm just trying to soak up some of the last bits of Wisconsin summer, before I inevitably freeze to death.

And my official pick for song of the summer is: Photosynthesis by Frank Turner. 
While this song is not new by any means, it's just so...relevant.

August 19, 2012

A Goodwill Miracle.

So usually when I go thrifting, I stumble into the store, half asleep, hair uncombed, chai tea latte in hand, hoping to god I see no one I know because I may/may not still be wearing an outfit from the night before.  Is that shameful? Too bad, I have no shame.  I usually graze the racks waiting for something to amaze me.  Often times, I walk out with nothing.  When I first started, I got something almost every time because I was far too easily impressed with finds.  Now, I expect much more out of my little adventures.  Today, I scored.  And I'm talking big time.  I would through a sports analogy your way if I could think of any sports analogies that were suitable.  Who am I kidding, if I could think of any sports analogies period.

So here's the play by play.  I walk in, looking pretty disheveled.  I spot from across the room a tan tartan pattern associated with Burberry.  Now I'm not exactly into brand name anything, since a majority of my clothing has an old woman's name scribbled over where the brand would be, but this was exciting to me.  I ran over.  Like actually ran.  Halfway through I realized I was running and became a little embarrassed, but kept running anyway.  I got to it, and could not wait to try it on.  I looked up on my phone how to tell it was authentic, and it was! My first thought, I am so going to sell this on eBay.  Then I tried it on and thought, and I am so never going to sell this ever.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this shirt retails for over $300.   I paid a mere $2.99.  If I never thrift again, I will die knowing, I one day witnessed a true thrifting miracle.  Good day.

Song I can't stop listening to: (seriously, like errryday) Capitol City/Wilco