August 19, 2012

A Goodwill Miracle.

So usually when I go thrifting, I stumble into the store, half asleep, hair uncombed, chai tea latte in hand, hoping to god I see no one I know because I may/may not still be wearing an outfit from the night before.  Is that shameful? Too bad, I have no shame.  I usually graze the racks waiting for something to amaze me.  Often times, I walk out with nothing.  When I first started, I got something almost every time because I was far too easily impressed with finds.  Now, I expect much more out of my little adventures.  Today, I scored.  And I'm talking big time.  I would through a sports analogy your way if I could think of any sports analogies that were suitable.  Who am I kidding, if I could think of any sports analogies period.

So here's the play by play.  I walk in, looking pretty disheveled.  I spot from across the room a tan tartan pattern associated with Burberry.  Now I'm not exactly into brand name anything, since a majority of my clothing has an old woman's name scribbled over where the brand would be, but this was exciting to me.  I ran over.  Like actually ran.  Halfway through I realized I was running and became a little embarrassed, but kept running anyway.  I got to it, and could not wait to try it on.  I looked up on my phone how to tell it was authentic, and it was! My first thought, I am so going to sell this on eBay.  Then I tried it on and thought, and I am so never going to sell this ever.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this shirt retails for over $300.   I paid a mere $2.99.  If I never thrift again, I will die knowing, I one day witnessed a true thrifting miracle.  Good day.

Song I can't stop listening to: (seriously, like errryday) Capitol City/Wilco

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