July 25, 2012

Quick Fix: Hemming a Skirt

I always hesitate to explain how I do things because most of the time it's so simple like this, but I have gotten some requests for more demonstrations so here you are!  Often times skirts can be transformed into something fun and fashionable in literally no time at all.  People act like you must have some sort of sorcery powers to have come up with such magic, but it's really as easy as pie.  I have come across so many skirts that I would have passed over before I began sewing, just because I didn't like the length.  This floral skirt I found thrifting for $2 is a prime example.  Here's how I haphazardly transformed this skirt in under 15 minutes. It's simple but effective.

1.  Try the skirt on.  Examine possible lengths.  A mirror is really your best friend at this point.
2.  Fold the skirt up to the desired length.
3.  Pin the front of the skirt so you can remember this length when you are no longer in the skirt
4.  Measure the length all around to make sure it's even, and finish pinning the skirt.
5.  Sew the skirt by machine, or by hand.  I almost always choose machine unless the fabric absolutely requires it because it's monumentally faster, and I have the attention span of a tiny bug.  Just zip that puppy through.

Wahla! Combined with a shirt I thrifted for $3, this outfit cost me $5 total! That sounds like cause for celebration.

And I shall celebrate with one of my favorite happy tunes: Plage by Crystal Fighters

Warning: Unless you have consumed some sort of hallucinogen, don't look directly at this music video.  Also steer clear if you are prone to seizures like myself. :)

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