July 1, 2012

Summer Trends that Make Me Giddy

This summer has been scorching hot.  Like I don't want to eat because the process of taking something out of the refrigerator would result in me sweating.  But, I am not a hair up sort of girl.  That has to do with several ear surgeries as a child that has left me embarrassed about my deformed weirdo ears.  However, I have finally found a way to combine fashion and my ear fears.  A summer trend I am loving is hair scarves.  You can tie them any which way, they have a pretty retro feel, and absorb the sweat that may/may not be accumulating on your neck.  
I can be found most hot days rocking a hair scarf, even though my roommate told me I look like the help from "The Help."  This is a super short post, I know, but there is a very special reason for that...and I will share that reason tomorrow.  For now, get yo hairs up and go outside!  I know I'm going to...

So, since it's hot and I'm feeling a little dizzy at the moment, can I admit that I absolutely love the song Payphone by Maroon 5?  It's not my usual style, but it's so gosh darn catchy.  I'm sharing it, however, because the music video is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.  Plus all of my roommates, boys and girls, completely want Adam Levine.  Alas, it's the song I can't stop listening to today...

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