April 14, 2013

Fisheye & Stormy Skies

It's very gloomy in my hometown.  The kind of gloomy that makes you want to take eerie photos and eat soup.  I feel like a little sunshine could turn everything around.
Have my fellow hobby photographers out there played around with fisheye lenses? Not always flattering for people, but it can make for some really unique landscapes...or super creepy stairwells.
There is something about the combination of the fisheye and black and white that I really, really love.  Shooting these made me really miss shooting with black and white film, and hanging out in dark rooms.
I have been sick lately, so my time has been filled with becoming overly emotionally invested in  mediocre independent movies on Netflix, tawdry television, and taking an egregious amount of naps. Therefore, I have nothing interesting to say. I am hoping that the pictures themselves will pass for interesting.
This is my go to song, whenever the weather takes a turn for the worst and I start to feel restless.  I hope things turn around post-haste.

Day Job // Jeremy Messersmith

March 10, 2013

Times, They Are a Changin'

This dress is not the only thing in my life that went through a drastic change...
This week has been scary and exciting.  I had my first week working as a seamstress.  To be completely honest, I spent a majority of the time geeking out over the awesomeness of industrial sewing machines.  I already feel like I am learning so much.  I think it will really increase the quality of the things I make, which is outstanding.  Plus, I am getting paid which is always good.
It's crazy to think that a year ago, my parents gave me a sewing machine for Christmas, and now I am completely in love with the craft, and looking to make a career doing it.

Also, this happened...
I have been on a complete 90's kick lately.  Something heart-wrenching and nostalgic about a good 90's rock ballad.  My personal favorite...

Song I can't stop listening to: The Freshman // The Verve Pipe

January 25, 2013

Bedsheets and Bad Dreams

As soon as I saw this adorable horse print bedsheet, I knew that I had to make something out of it.  Even though I could feel the girl behind me judging me for buying used sheets, I feel as though the end result was worth it. 
So, I had the weirdest dream the other night in which a doctor had to insert a huge tube full of cameras inside of me.  He then showed me the pictures, and they looked nothing like me. When I explained to him that it wasn't me in those pictures, he replied, "Maybe you see yourself differently than you actually are."
Not to mention he was inserting this tube in the middle of a crowded hallway.  I'm not one for new years resolutions, but waking up from this dream made me make a whole list of things I wanted to change about myself.  Habits I want to break, and habits I want to begin.  Should one dream really effect me this much? 
Usually my dreams are silly and petty, so this one is really out there.  I'm thinking maybe some bad karma from the person who owned these sheets before me snuck into my being.  Maybe that is why people don't buy used sheets.  Or bedbugs.  Actually, probably just bedbugs.

Song I can't stop listening to today: Growing Up // Monsters Calling Home

January 20, 2013

Wisconsin Woes

I have a weird affinity for animal sweaters, but living in Wisconsin, it is difficult to wear anything with a badger on it without everyone thinking I'm making a statement about my sports preferences.  And then commenting on it.  Truth is, I just like the badger.  It's weird and awesome.  I don't, however, like being mistaken for some sort of super-fan.  When I saw these sweaters with collars, I had an idea that would transform the sweater I have had for some time.
Adding a collar to it makes it far to cutesy to be associated with any sports team. Precisely my goal.  I love when layering two things that you already own creates something with a completely different feel. By the way, that gal up there is my new dress form. (Name TBA)
I had a surprise morning off, so Alex and I went on a little Sun-date.  Coffee and Crepes.  Or creepies, as I like to call them.
It was my goal to take some pictures of recent projects today, but again, this is Wisconsin.  The windchill is something like -10. I was born in this weather, I can endure, but I think I'll wait a couple days when it feels more like 3 degrees.
  Song I cannot stop listening to today: Home is Not Places//The Apache Relay

Stay warm, Wisconsin brethren! If you live somewhere warm, shhh.

January 18, 2013

It has been far too long, Master Kenobi

The bad news: I have been completely slacking on the blogesphere.  I have let far too many projects go undocumented and it is sad and pathetic.
The good news: My boyfriends parents got me a dress form for christmas, and I introduce to you the first dress I made using it!!! And I only needed one yard of fabric. That's INSANE.
It's a wildly comfortable sweatshirt type material.  I hate when people assume that just because I am wearing a dress, I must not be comfortable.  Let's be real. Dresses are wildly comfortable.  Especially this one.  So comfortable, I made a hood for it...and then my roommates convinced me that it was far too weird.
What do you think? Are hooded dresses the best thing since sliced bread, or should I be content knowing I get to wander around town in a sweatshirt and have people think that I tried...

Total Cost: $1.50. HOT DAMN.

Sorry it's been forever, but the projects I have in store will probably make up for it. Just sayin.

Song I can't stop listening to today: Girlfriend//Streets of Laredo

Seriously, it's catchy as lace. (Sewing girls, please say you laughed at that joke)
It's good to be back.

November 28, 2012

My brother is performing in a talent show coming up, and my mom asked me to take him shopping for a stage outfit.  Upon going shopping I found this superman shirt, yes in boys section, on clearance for $5.  I immediately fell in love with it, and decided to live vicariously through my brother and make him get it.  Then I saw...there were two.
This is exactly the type of behavior that is bound to land me on "What Not to Wear" in the near future.  I know that I am not a boy, and therefore should not be shopping in the boys section.  I have actually seen this addressed on several episodes of What Not to Wear, where they tell the poor person that they are too old to be wearing superman paraphernalia.
I was having this thought as we were up at the register, both shirts in hand, but decided that 22 was still young enough to love a superman shirt.  Maybe at 25, I will throw it out...but I'm still young enough to get away with this childish behavior.  And then the unthinkable happened.  My brother was playing with this Christmas Aflac Duck, who's inventor needs to be punched, and I glared at him.  He started laughing and explained to the woman helping us that I hated that sound.  (Umm...who doesn't?)  And she said, "Mom's don't really like things that make too much sound," and then smiled sympathetically at me.  My brother is 13!!! Do I look old enough to have a 13 year old child? I had people give me dirty looks when I appeared to be a teenager holding a baby, but for real? Now? I immediately felt ten years older, but the shirt was already rung up.  I guess I will just have to wear it in shame, humming the song "Supergirl" to myself between sobs.

October 19, 2012

When I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend...

If you are not a doctor who fan, I apologize...because then the title of this post just seems creepy.
Sometimes when I am utterly sick of my surroundings, I try to channel a little doctor who in my outfit, and pretend that I can time travel at any time.
(That picture is the sun setting in this gorgeous place I live)
If time travel were an option for you, where do you think you would go?  I think I would love to live in the time of Jane Austen. that's definitely where I belong.  Girls didn't wear pants.  Cross-stitching made them accomplished.  The dresses are breathtaking.  However, I would have to be in a wealthy family, because being in poverty at that time was particularly awful.
Oh well. Until my tardis arrives, I will have to continue living in this land wear animal print is acceptable and women have to have real jobs to be considered successful.

Song I can't stop listening to today: 
Can't Go Back Now//The Weepies