January 29, 2012

The Shoe Corner

In an attempt to organize my life, I have been trying to straighten up my room today.  I made my way to the shoe corner (the corner of my room where I throw my shoes) and noticed there seem to be a lot more there than I remember.  I always tell people that I am not a shoe person.  Why would you waste money on shoes when you could spend it on clothes?  I usually estimate that I only have around three or four pairs of shoes, and that astonishes some.  

I was wrong.  I am apparently a liar.  I apologize.

That is 24 pairs of shoes...and that doesn't even include tennis shoes or my plethora of flip flops (occupational hazard of formerly working at Old Navy.)  I am disgusted with myself. 

This includes a dreadful pair of shoes I modified today.  I got them at a rummage sale a while ago mainly as a joke.  I apologize if I offend, but I hate animal print.  It makes me vomit.  Maybe because I was bit by a zebra as a child?  Or maybe because it's simply awful.  When I found them today, I knew I couldn't take it a moment longer, and covered the god-awful animal print with a lovely paisley using a fabric strength spray adhesive.

Now I love them! Isn't it wonderful how that worked out?

Song I can't stop listening today as the snow is melting:  The Ice is Getting Thinner/Death Cab for Cutie

January 17, 2012

Our Lips Are Concealed

Title: Marykate and Ashley Reference?? Anyone? Anyone?

This morning was one of those awful mornings where I'm comically half asleep as I get ready.  I tried to make my way to the bathroom and there are chairs everywhere due to people making seating for themselves the night before.  I managed to trip over every single one of them.  I started to put on my makeup, and I when to put on lip gloss and accidentally put on concealer instead.  By the time I noticed, by bottom lip had disappeared.  I figured I was already an idiot so I did the top lip just to see what it would look like.  Scariest. Thing. Ever.  I had no lips!

This is a dress I got for three dollars.  I have been looking for a decent navy polka dot dress for a while.  And by a while, I mean since Rachel kept wearing them on Glee.  Oh no! My secret's out.  I'm a total glee fan.  And I absolutely love Rachel and Quinn's wardrobe.  But this dress didn't start out Rachel worthy.  I altered the neckline, gave it some shape, shortened it, and removed the god awful sash.

Add a fun velvet blazer, and you are all set.  Uh oh, other omission, I have a velvet obsession. But look at the darling silver buttons.  That little number was $1.40 at a thrift store.

Song I can't stop listening to today:  Unguided by the New Pornographers.

Quite the Little Suzy Homemaker

In addition to sewing up a storm, I have spent the past week in the kitchen.  I made a casserole yesterday, forgetting I was only one person, and had to beg my roommates to help me eat it.  (It actually didn't take that much persuasion)  I also made some lovely homemade bagels that I am quite proud of.  I think I should have been born in a different time where this was considered a woman's job, and not just a hobby.  Every time I have to go to work/school, I think "Damn you women's suffrage movement!"  Only joking...sort of.

Omm Nom Nom Nommm.

I made blueberry bagels, with reference to a recipe I found on Food Coma, and then Cinnamon Crunch Bagels using a recipe I found on All Recipes since my friend who was assisting me did not care for blueberries (killjoy).  I highly recommend making blueberry bagels for anyone who might have anger management issues.  Squishing the blueberries inside the dough is quite satisfying.  You can name them after your enemies and smash their heads.  Muahahaha.  Not creepy at all.

Also, these are best consumed straight out of the oven, so invite some friends over and enjoy immediately.

DIY Cardigan Chain

I am not a jewelry person.  The only jewelry I feel I can wear are very subtle necklaces.  For real, I don't even have my ears pierced.  I feel like every time I try to wear anything more, everyone looks at me and says, "That girl be crazy. Who does she think she is?"  So begins my jewelry phobia.  I so envy people who can pull of more statement jewelry.  Nevertheless, I have been drooling over these DIY sweater clips I have been seeing on pinterest lately.  I decided to make a simpler version for myself that wouldn't make me too self-conscious, using a creepy chain and a pair of clip on earrings.  It was ridiculously easy and I think I like it!

I started this blog mainly so that my mom would be able to keep up with the projects I am doing.  As I spent last night talking with her about it, I loved how proud of me she was.  Before talking with her, I had been starting to second guess if I had done the right thing in starting this blog.  It made a few friends upset who felt as if I was stepping on their toes, as they had been blogging for a while already.  I am always worrying so much about what my friends are thinking or feeling.  After spending a few hours with my mom, however, I remembered what this was supposed to be about.  Me and her.  Sharing with her pieces of my life that she doesn't witness as I am away at school.

A song that always makes me homesick: Some Day Soon-Alexi Murdoch

January 13, 2012

Ruche Headband Knockoff

I fell in love with some headbands from Ruche, however the day I spend over $20 on a headband will be a sad day indeed.  I have been meaning to make some of my own, but hadn't stumbled across the right materials.  I managed to find all of this at thrift stores for under $1, and can now make beautiful headbands for myself.  And friends.  And their friends.

I simply measured the ribbon, and attached a small piece of elastic to the back with my sewing machine.  I decided to go with the double strand headband instead of the single, because it's a little more Elizabeth Bennet, which is what I tend to go for.  (1995 miniseries Elizabeth Bennet, none of this Keira Knightley nonsense.)  To add the flower, I used a scrap piece of white felt.  I made 5 flowers of varying sizes and sewed them together in the middle.  I attached some spare petals in the back to fill in gaps.

I went to attach the flower, but I couldn't find my hot glue gun.  Blasphemy! How could this be happening??  But then it occurred to me that I really enjoyed the headband without the flower as well.  Brilliant!  I decided to sew a bobby pin on the back of the flower, making it so I could wear the headband with or without the flower. 

Sorry for the wet hair, I couldn't wait another minute to share this project!  Are you going to make an amazing headband of your own?

January 12, 2012

First Dress Transformation!

This floor length green floral dress was kind of a nightmare.  I apologize for the before picture being less than stellar, I blame my amateur roommate.  Any way, this dress costs me 50 cents. Seriously. 50 cents.  The woman at the register looked at me like I was crazy for buying it.  I had to remove the sleeves to shorten the shoulders, move the waist up to my natural waist line, and hem it to a less awkward length.  The belt really put it over the top for me.  I wore it to work and got tons of compliments.  Yay!

What do you think?  Worth 50 cents?

Winter Whimsy

I am beyond excited. Why, you ask? Because I live in Wisconsin and it finally snowed!

I can go sledding, cross country skiing, make an upside down snowman, all the things I have been dreaming about since Christmas.  Today was the day I had planned to take pictures of the projects I have completed for the Christmas Miracle, but I want to play in the snow instead!!

This jacket is actually one of the Miracle finds.  I really like the retro feel of it.  And it only cost me 1 of my 37 dollars!  And the adorable reindeer hat I thieved from my boyfriend.  

Have a happy snow day! 

January 11, 2012

Because there's more than clothes at thrift stores...

Today I went to work, and both doors were locked. I tried calling and no one answered. I have the type of job where I show up whenever (during business hours) and get my stuff done. However, today was different. My manager was mysteriously missing 2 hours after she would usually get there. Chances are she was picking up some groceries, but nevertheless it was an excuse for me to do some thrifting while I waited.

Today's treasures that weren't clothes included:
1. A floral purse (I already have a purse I am absolutely in love with and will favor till death do us part, however this has been deemed my sneaking snacks in to movie theaters purse because my other one is simply too small)
2. A wallet that matches previously mentioned favorite purse.
3. A hardcover orange copy of A Clockwork Orange that will look darling on my bookshelf.
4. A mint green make up bag that I got (a) because it is my color obsession lately and (b) it is smaller than my current make up bag. This may sound like a bad thing, but I'm hoping it will force me to consolidate and throw away some stuff.

All of that for $2! You saw correctly. It's okay to shake your head in disbelief. I also purchased some lovely clothing, but those pictures are for later!

Do you find other (non-clothing) treasures when you thrift as well?

January 10, 2012

A Christmas Disaster. Turned Miracle.

So here is the story that started it all. The boyfriend bought me this ohh so amazing dress from Modcloth for Christmas. Fed Ex lost said dream dress, (curses!) and by the time they admitted it....Modcloth had sold out of the dress. I spiraled down into a deep, dark, dismal despair. Dream Dress was on sale and had free shipping, coming in at a respectable $37. The boyfriend asked what I wanted instead. It was completely one of those lightbulb moments. How many thrift treasures could I get for the same amount of money as that one measly, but oh so perfect, dress? Challenge...commence! I decided to begin to blog to document this adventure, along with the other ones I seem to get myself into.

One week. 5 thrift stores. 37 dollars. Wait until you see what I came up with.

What do you think, am I crazy?