January 11, 2012

Because there's more than clothes at thrift stores...

Today I went to work, and both doors were locked. I tried calling and no one answered. I have the type of job where I show up whenever (during business hours) and get my stuff done. However, today was different. My manager was mysteriously missing 2 hours after she would usually get there. Chances are she was picking up some groceries, but nevertheless it was an excuse for me to do some thrifting while I waited.

Today's treasures that weren't clothes included:
1. A floral purse (I already have a purse I am absolutely in love with and will favor till death do us part, however this has been deemed my sneaking snacks in to movie theaters purse because my other one is simply too small)
2. A wallet that matches previously mentioned favorite purse.
3. A hardcover orange copy of A Clockwork Orange that will look darling on my bookshelf.
4. A mint green make up bag that I got (a) because it is my color obsession lately and (b) it is smaller than my current make up bag. This may sound like a bad thing, but I'm hoping it will force me to consolidate and throw away some stuff.

All of that for $2! You saw correctly. It's okay to shake your head in disbelief. I also purchased some lovely clothing, but those pictures are for later!

Do you find other (non-clothing) treasures when you thrift as well?

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