January 17, 2012

Quite the Little Suzy Homemaker

In addition to sewing up a storm, I have spent the past week in the kitchen.  I made a casserole yesterday, forgetting I was only one person, and had to beg my roommates to help me eat it.  (It actually didn't take that much persuasion)  I also made some lovely homemade bagels that I am quite proud of.  I think I should have been born in a different time where this was considered a woman's job, and not just a hobby.  Every time I have to go to work/school, I think "Damn you women's suffrage movement!"  Only joking...sort of.

Omm Nom Nom Nommm.

I made blueberry bagels, with reference to a recipe I found on Food Coma, and then Cinnamon Crunch Bagels using a recipe I found on All Recipes since my friend who was assisting me did not care for blueberries (killjoy).  I highly recommend making blueberry bagels for anyone who might have anger management issues.  Squishing the blueberries inside the dough is quite satisfying.  You can name them after your enemies and smash their heads.  Muahahaha.  Not creepy at all.

Also, these are best consumed straight out of the oven, so invite some friends over and enjoy immediately.

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