January 17, 2012

DIY Cardigan Chain

I am not a jewelry person.  The only jewelry I feel I can wear are very subtle necklaces.  For real, I don't even have my ears pierced.  I feel like every time I try to wear anything more, everyone looks at me and says, "That girl be crazy. Who does she think she is?"  So begins my jewelry phobia.  I so envy people who can pull of more statement jewelry.  Nevertheless, I have been drooling over these DIY sweater clips I have been seeing on pinterest lately.  I decided to make a simpler version for myself that wouldn't make me too self-conscious, using a creepy chain and a pair of clip on earrings.  It was ridiculously easy and I think I like it!

I started this blog mainly so that my mom would be able to keep up with the projects I am doing.  As I spent last night talking with her about it, I loved how proud of me she was.  Before talking with her, I had been starting to second guess if I had done the right thing in starting this blog.  It made a few friends upset who felt as if I was stepping on their toes, as they had been blogging for a while already.  I am always worrying so much about what my friends are thinking or feeling.  After spending a few hours with my mom, however, I remembered what this was supposed to be about.  Me and her.  Sharing with her pieces of my life that she doesn't witness as I am away at school.

A song that always makes me homesick: Some Day Soon-Alexi Murdoch

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