January 29, 2012

The Shoe Corner

In an attempt to organize my life, I have been trying to straighten up my room today.  I made my way to the shoe corner (the corner of my room where I throw my shoes) and noticed there seem to be a lot more there than I remember.  I always tell people that I am not a shoe person.  Why would you waste money on shoes when you could spend it on clothes?  I usually estimate that I only have around three or four pairs of shoes, and that astonishes some.  

I was wrong.  I am apparently a liar.  I apologize.

That is 24 pairs of shoes...and that doesn't even include tennis shoes or my plethora of flip flops (occupational hazard of formerly working at Old Navy.)  I am disgusted with myself. 

This includes a dreadful pair of shoes I modified today.  I got them at a rummage sale a while ago mainly as a joke.  I apologize if I offend, but I hate animal print.  It makes me vomit.  Maybe because I was bit by a zebra as a child?  Or maybe because it's simply awful.  When I found them today, I knew I couldn't take it a moment longer, and covered the god-awful animal print with a lovely paisley using a fabric strength spray adhesive.

Now I love them! Isn't it wonderful how that worked out?

Song I can't stop listening today as the snow is melting:  The Ice is Getting Thinner/Death Cab for Cutie

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