January 10, 2012

A Christmas Disaster. Turned Miracle.

So here is the story that started it all. The boyfriend bought me this ohh so amazing dress from Modcloth for Christmas. Fed Ex lost said dream dress, (curses!) and by the time they admitted it....Modcloth had sold out of the dress. I spiraled down into a deep, dark, dismal despair. Dream Dress was on sale and had free shipping, coming in at a respectable $37. The boyfriend asked what I wanted instead. It was completely one of those lightbulb moments. How many thrift treasures could I get for the same amount of money as that one measly, but oh so perfect, dress? Challenge...commence! I decided to begin to blog to document this adventure, along with the other ones I seem to get myself into.

One week. 5 thrift stores. 37 dollars. Wait until you see what I came up with.

What do you think, am I crazy?

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