January 13, 2012

Ruche Headband Knockoff

I fell in love with some headbands from Ruche, however the day I spend over $20 on a headband will be a sad day indeed.  I have been meaning to make some of my own, but hadn't stumbled across the right materials.  I managed to find all of this at thrift stores for under $1, and can now make beautiful headbands for myself.  And friends.  And their friends.

I simply measured the ribbon, and attached a small piece of elastic to the back with my sewing machine.  I decided to go with the double strand headband instead of the single, because it's a little more Elizabeth Bennet, which is what I tend to go for.  (1995 miniseries Elizabeth Bennet, none of this Keira Knightley nonsense.)  To add the flower, I used a scrap piece of white felt.  I made 5 flowers of varying sizes and sewed them together in the middle.  I attached some spare petals in the back to fill in gaps.

I went to attach the flower, but I couldn't find my hot glue gun.  Blasphemy! How could this be happening??  But then it occurred to me that I really enjoyed the headband without the flower as well.  Brilliant!  I decided to sew a bobby pin on the back of the flower, making it so I could wear the headband with or without the flower. 

Sorry for the wet hair, I couldn't wait another minute to share this project!  Are you going to make an amazing headband of your own?

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