June 28, 2012

Pretzel M&MS.

You know the commercial for Pretzel M&M's where the pretzel jumps into the M&M creating something that's far superior and magical?  Well that is sort of what I attempted today.  I saw this shirt when I was shopping that was a lace tank top with a denim collar, and denim down the middle by the buttons.  Needless to say, I fell in love. However, we were shopping for some shorts for my boyfriend, and I had purposefully left my purse at home so I would not spend any money.  Plus it was $30.  So I decided to make my own.  I found a lace-esque shirt, as well as a denim shirt and fused them together to make the super shirt I had been hoping for.  I included a little DIY for y'all, so you can have one of your own.

Time: 1-2 hours (but I'm a putz)
Cost: $2 for the two shirts ($1.20 and $0.70 can you believe it?!)
Difficulty: Jedi Initiate
Materials: Scissors, Shirts, Sewing Machine, White Thread, Pins

So here are the two shirts that I used for this project.  It really doesn't matter which you choose, just make sure you like the colors together, the materials will work well in your machine, and that they are the same size.  If they are different sizes, the collars will not be the same size and you may run in to a pickle.  Before you start, remove the buttons from the lace shirt, do any ironing that may be necessary, and prepare your work space. 

Step One: Remove the collar/button area from the denim shirt

Step Two: Remove the top part of the collar from the lace shirt, and my top part I mean cut off the part that folds over.  You will be left with about a half inch of fabric.
Step Three:  Replace the white collar with the denim collar, place the remaining white part on the inside of the denim.  These should line up just about perfectly.  Insert pins around the collar and down the middle by the buttons or snaps.
Step Four:  Sew together the pieces that you have just pinned, starting with the collar to make room for adjustments.  

Now if you are going for a seventies vibe, then you can stop here.  If not, look forward.
Step Five: Remove the sleeves from the shirt, and pin the armholes at your desired width.  Mine ended up being around two inches
Step Six: Finish off the armholes by sewing the edge you just cut inward.  I had to add darts at the bust to make the sleeves sit correctly, but I think that just depends on the lace shirt you start out with.

Have you guys heard the Avett Brothers new song?  It's called Live and Die, and they released it from their upcoming album The Carpenter.  You know I'm a sucker for the Avett Brothers, and knowing I have to wait until September 11th for the new cd makes me about pee my pants.

Anyway, it's the song I can't stop listening to today: Live and Die/The Avett Brothers

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