June 27, 2012

The Sound of Silence

Great song. And what you have been hearing from me in the past month.  I am so very sorry, but I think when you see what I am about to show you, I will be on the road to forgiveness.  So, I moved into a new apartment with five lovely roommates that I adore oh so much.  More on them later.  But, unlike last year, we are not allowed to paint.  My room is an awkward off white, with hideous maroon carpet.  Yet, I was determined to make my room gorgeous.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the big reveal...

And the best part, is the amount of money, or lack there of that I spent on this piece of paradise.  Everything in this room was either made or thrifted.  A shout out to my spectacular boyfriend (and cohabitant), as well as his father, who understood my scatterbrained sketches and helped build the  combined desk, dress rack, headboard, etc.  Although they thought I was crazy during most of the planning process, who can argue with these results?? I never ever want to leave my room, but that is a good thing for you because that means lots of sewing, and I have some awesome clothing transformations coming up for you this week.  Maybe a few DIY's are in order for some of my bedroom treasures? Let me know what you want to make, and I'll tell you how!

Thanks for being patient with me.  I really appreciate all of you. 

Song I cannot stop listening to today:


  1. Wow, so impressed. I love your room and cannot wait to see it in person! I love that I can see the HP series in the pictures!

  2. I just stumbled onto your adorable blog from a Pinterest pin of your DIY/thrift room (which I am completely in love with, by the way, because I've been searching high and low for ideas for our teensy weensy little apartment) this morning. Plus, I just realized I'm totally wearing my death cab for cutie shirt right now, I'm not even joking. Also, I love your transformations, especially the mega million dollar dress. Anyway hello from Boise, Idaho and thank you for the giggles that my hubby and I got to enjoy this morning while I read some of your blog posts to him on our usually-boring-not-yet-caffeinated-post-house-sitting-weekend-monday-morning drive back into town. You are funny and cute and I hope you never stop thrifting and creating and blogging about it.