April 20, 2012

Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

This isn't the dress you're looking for...oh wait, IT SO IS.

You won't see any before pictures, and I'll tell you why: because I made this. Like, made it made it.  This lovely Star Wars material was a vintage bed sheet.  I have had it lying around for quite some time, but I had a limited about of fabric so I knew I would only get one shot.

Those of you who saw the sheet sitting around my house for months know how scared I was to start it.  As nervous as I was, I am pretty happy with the way that things turned out.  Therefore I am going to fill by day with Star Wars puns, and humming theme songs.  

Speaking of today, I will be quite busy doing my roommates hair and make-up.  This is the part where you think, wait doesn't she live with three guys?  Yes, I do.  But they are in the drag show tonight with a couple of their friends.  I am in charge of make-up and wardrobe and I am so excited!!  They are doing the mash-up of Rumor Has It/Someone Like You from Glee.  Their dance is awesome.  I will be sure to include pictures and maybe a video
...if you're good.

Song that I can't stop humming everywhere I walk:

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