April 7, 2012

Lady Crush: Nancy Sinatra

"It's a hectic, crazy life. You're not like a shoe salesman, who can get rid of his wares. You're stuck with a product - yourself."
-Nancy Sinatra

I can't imagine what her life was like growing up with Frank Sinatra.  In addition to her mother, Nancy Barbato, her stepmothers included: Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow, and Barbara Marx.  Just knowing one of those people would be crazy, but having all of them in your life is insane!

It's interesting to see how she transformed to fit the sex icon image that was given to her.  The short skirts, blonde hair, and classic go-go boots made her into a style icon.  Women all around began dressing like her.

She was never taken seriously as an artist.  She once said that she was never allowed to grow because her albums were more to look at than to listen to.  I feel as though she is so misunderstood, and I love her all the same.

Isn't this music video spectacular? (These Boots Are Made for Walkin'-Nancy Sinatra)

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