April 17, 2012

A Weekend of Best's.

Over this past weekend, besides seeing the best concert ever, I also had the pleasure of spending some time with my best friend ever.  Meet little miss Katie, or as I lovingly call her, Trina.  We are so different, but we compliment each other so well.  She settles me down, and I force her to be a little more crazy. 

...but she is moving far far away.   

This coming fall, she will be relocating to California to work on her doctorate because she is wicked smart and amazing.  I will miss her quite terribly, but maybe not as terribly as this guy in the photo's.  Meet her boyfriend Brett who will be heading the opposite direction to New York.  I thought it would be nice when I was around to take some photo's of the two of them, so that they would have some to put in their apartments next year.  Here are a few of my favorites...

As you can tell, my favorite ones are mainly of Katie laughing, because it makes me so happy to see her happy.  Oh well, I know our friendship will survive the distance.  It has for the past four years.  Already planning my trip to California to visit though! 

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