August 22, 2012

Turning Tables

I have stayed away from circle skirts because they are really time consuming and involve a lot of fabric.  However, if you use something that is already round, and hemmed on the end...something like a tablecloth? Yes! Brilliant! I am so proud of myself! I found this tribal table cloth at an antique shop for $4 and I couldn't pass up the pattern, even though we don't have an actual table for me to put it on.  What can I say, we're in college.  We eat in our beds.  But I had to use it for something!

There is a little math required for a circle skirt.  The circumference of the circle will be the measurement of your waist, or where you want to waist to hit.  Mark down that measurement as "c".  You will have to fold the fabric in half, then in half again to form a triangle.  You will now figure out the radius using the following equation:  r = c / (2 x 3.14159).  (Yes, that's pi! Hey there high school math!) You will need to allow a little extra for the seam.

From here, measure that distance from the point of the triangle, and create a curved line.  Cut this line, and this will be the opening for your waist.  Cut down a straight line down the back to create a seam.

    The waist band was going to look better if it started at the pattern, so I removed pie-shaped segments from the skirt to make it smaller, and sewed along that curve.  Once you've sewn your waist line, sew in an invisible zipper on the back seam.  Finish off the seam, and you have a circle skirt.  This whole process took me around 45 minutes and I was very satisfied!

Warning: This skirt will cause excessive twirling, and may have side effects.  These side effects include dizziness, lightheadedness, vertigo, and nausea.  
You think I'm joking, but the afternoon I spent twirling in this skirt almost lead to me vomiting on the side of the path you see below while yelling, "Can't stop twirling. Skirt so full. Must twirl."

Song I can't stop listening to today: Hey Ho/The Lumineers

This song is best listened to while making pancakes. Good day!


  1. It came out great!

    xo Jennifer

  2. What a great idea, and it came out so wonderfully adorable!