October 19, 2012

When I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend...

If you are not a doctor who fan, I apologize...because then the title of this post just seems creepy.
Sometimes when I am utterly sick of my surroundings, I try to channel a little doctor who in my outfit, and pretend that I can time travel at any time.
(That picture is the sun setting in this gorgeous place I live)
If time travel were an option for you, where do you think you would go?  I think I would love to live in the time of Jane Austen. that's definitely where I belong.  Girls didn't wear pants.  Cross-stitching made them accomplished.  The dresses are breathtaking.  However, I would have to be in a wealthy family, because being in poverty at that time was particularly awful.
Oh well. Until my tardis arrives, I will have to continue living in this land wear animal print is acceptable and women have to have real jobs to be considered successful.

Song I can't stop listening to today: 
Can't Go Back Now//The Weepies

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