October 16, 2012

A Muumuu-raculous Transformation

Welcome Back! To me...not to you. Sorry buds.

People have been regularly touring our house to rent for next year.  I personally think it's insane how early people begin to look for houses, but it is what it is.  Awkward things are bound to happen when other people are coming into your home to picture themselves living there.

Awkward thing #1: A girl looking in my room and saying, "OMG your headboard is like...wood."  She then continued to look at the pictures I had up, and was wondering if she could find anyone she knew.  Meanwhile, I was in my pajamas.

Awkward thing #2: Being locked out of my own room, and attempting to pick the lock as I hear a tour group coming up the stairs.  They find me kneeling outside of my door with a knife and a screwdriver.

Awkward thing #3: Me forgetting to throw away the remnants after cleaning out my brush this morning, so a group of five guys were welcomed to my room by an abnormally large clump of human hair sitting on the table in the doorway. Sorry bout it.

I am counting the days until someone signs a lease on this dump.  I say dump in a loving way...in case you one of the many who has been round these parts.  

Featuring photos of Sir Alex, because they make me happy.

Song I can't stop listening to today:
Long Time Traveller/The Wailin Jennys

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