February 10, 2012

Petrified as Hermione Granger

Well I was walking to class today dressed like this (yes this is really how I dress in real life), when I saw a group of three girls walking in their black sweatpants and black Northface jackets (our school uniform which I am constantly violating).  They apparently knew the girl walking ahead of me (black sweatpants, brown Northface) because they started hollering at her, "Macy, really? Black and Brown? Where's your black jacket?"  The girl looked honestly humiliated, "Oh, I think I left it somewhere during the superbowl.  I could not find it anywhere this morning."  But the leader of the pack was taking no excuses. "You need to figure that out Macy, because this is not working for you."  Owwwza!  The girl looked at her feet, completely petrified.  We're talking Basilisk petrified people.  I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed.  It was like a real life, poorly costumed Mean Girls.  I literally laughed out loud...which caused all four zombies to look in my direction, look at my dress, and scoff.  It was then that I remembered it was real life, not a movie I was watching.  And boy, had I upset the pack.

Sorry to offend my little sweatpants darlings.  I have no filter, and I couldn't help but laugh.  But I kind of wish this "Macy" would have punched y'all in the face. 

Song I can't stop listening to after that experience: Girl With One Eye/Florence + the Machine
Take heed ladies, be a little kinder.

Ohh, and my hair is a little darker then I meant for it to become.  But it's okay because I feel sort of like when Ursula is a person in the Little Mermaid...so if you can sing watch out, imma steal all your voices and your men.

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  1. You're so talented! Wanna make me some clothes? lol