February 18, 2012

Miss Julia

Meet Julia.  Julia is my boyfriend's sister, a very good friend of mine, and just one of my favorite people in general.  We go on many adventures.  Most recently, she asked me to transform a dress for her upcoming winter formal.  

I have known Julia since she was 12, and it's crazy to see her all grown up.  Here I go getting all sentimental.  But doesn't she look beautiful?  We shortened the dress (a little more than her father cared for) and made it more form fitting.  I was quite pleased with the results.  The back of the dress is still cut out and beautiful as in the original, but it wasn't the right setting for me to ask to take a picture from the back.

Top 3 reasons why I adore her and you should too:

1.  She is the most caring person.  I watched her perform surgery trying to save her dying rat.  It was the most disgusting, foul smelling thing I have ever witnessed, but Julia took it like a champ to save her darling pet.

2. She shares my dark and mildly inappropriate sense of humor.  And plots for world domination.

3. She is an extraordinary friend.  I honestly think she would punch anyone in the face if they crossed one of her friends.

A song for Julia...

Hahaha, weren't expecting that one were you?

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