February 8, 2012

If you're having girl problems...

Remember those awful shirts that snapped in the crotch?  I think they were popular in the early 90's?  Sort of like a onesie, but for girls/adults?  Notorious for making you pee your pants as you are dancing around the bathroom trying to get it unsnapped.  Maybe you never experienced this fashion fad, but I know my beloved sister knows what I am talking about.

Well, despite my bitter childhood memories, I found this onesie-type at a thrift store and I simply had to have it.  It is a sweetheart velvet with a mesh type cutout at the top.  (Only furthering my velvet obsession)  The skirt was on super-duper clearance at Gap, which I scored for $4 which made my life!  While wearing, I felt myself thinking back on my childhood.  Back when I thought all my friends were the coolest, and my biggest concern was getting my shirt unsnapped when I had to pee. 

My life has been somewhat drama-infested lately, much to my dismay.  And this song always puts a smile on my face when I am stressed to the max.  
Hence, the song I can't stop listening to today: 99 Problems/Hugo

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