January 20, 2013

Wisconsin Woes

I have a weird affinity for animal sweaters, but living in Wisconsin, it is difficult to wear anything with a badger on it without everyone thinking I'm making a statement about my sports preferences.  And then commenting on it.  Truth is, I just like the badger.  It's weird and awesome.  I don't, however, like being mistaken for some sort of super-fan.  When I saw these sweaters with collars, I had an idea that would transform the sweater I have had for some time.
Adding a collar to it makes it far to cutesy to be associated with any sports team. Precisely my goal.  I love when layering two things that you already own creates something with a completely different feel. By the way, that gal up there is my new dress form. (Name TBA)
I had a surprise morning off, so Alex and I went on a little Sun-date.  Coffee and Crepes.  Or creepies, as I like to call them.
It was my goal to take some pictures of recent projects today, but again, this is Wisconsin.  The windchill is something like -10. I was born in this weather, I can endure, but I think I'll wait a couple days when it feels more like 3 degrees.
  Song I cannot stop listening to today: Home is Not Places//The Apache Relay

Stay warm, Wisconsin brethren! If you live somewhere warm, shhh.

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