April 14, 2013

Fisheye & Stormy Skies

It's very gloomy in my hometown.  The kind of gloomy that makes you want to take eerie photos and eat soup.  I feel like a little sunshine could turn everything around.
Have my fellow hobby photographers out there played around with fisheye lenses? Not always flattering for people, but it can make for some really unique landscapes...or super creepy stairwells.
There is something about the combination of the fisheye and black and white that I really, really love.  Shooting these made me really miss shooting with black and white film, and hanging out in dark rooms.
I have been sick lately, so my time has been filled with becoming overly emotionally invested in  mediocre independent movies on Netflix, tawdry television, and taking an egregious amount of naps. Therefore, I have nothing interesting to say. I am hoping that the pictures themselves will pass for interesting.
This is my go to song, whenever the weather takes a turn for the worst and I start to feel restless.  I hope things turn around post-haste.

Day Job // Jeremy Messersmith

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